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Date: Wed Apr 20, 2005 11:53 pm

Dear Ossam,

I am the founder and moderator of the 'HeartoftheBahaiFaith' yahoo group, ( and you sent me a letter recently, asking me to post your material to my members. I have been reading it, and I'd like to tell you that it touches my soul very deeply. I believe every word that you have written, and I agree with you, and can feel some of your deep pain and anguish!! It may not be possible for you to understand this, but I can tell you with certainty that I LOVE YOU, Ossam!! I know you are a lovely, sweet soul. I am so sick and tired - almost to insanity - of all of the abuse that is being done all over the planet, by the arrogant, stupid liars, who know nothing about true Justice. Believe me dear brother, your cause is deeply shared by many, many human beings all over the planet. It is felt in America. I would love to present your story and information to my Yahoo group, but I noti
ced that some of the links are not working now. Do you need for me to find them, and let you know which ones they are, or are you able to check? Here's one link that appears to be 'dead' ---->
Another one that was a problem was this one:
When I clicked on it it says: "The Connection was refused when attempting to contact
I am going to send you back a copy of your recent submission to the Heart of the Baha'i Faith Yahoo discussion group, so that you can fix the links. Afterward, please resubmit it. OK?
By the way, I have a dear friend in the Republic of Belarus, who's life is very hard, and friends in Pakistan and Nepal. I have been helping them. If you want to 'meet' me via Yahoo or MSN messengers, my user names are 'americanbahai' for Yahoo, and lightraveler' for MSN. Their very excellent internet Chat programs. Maybe you are familiar with them and can use them?

Don't forget, I need you to edit that information for me, and resend it. You might receive an email from ''. This is my email address that I use for moderation on the heartofthebahaifaith Yahoo group.
Blessings and Light to you!
Madison Reed


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