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your email about unhcr

From: sherrykranz@...

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 16:20:04 -0700 (PDT)

i just saw your mail about the organization,and have one main long
have yu had this forum up out there,and how can i shake the political tree per
se down your way.i am neither muslim,christian or jew..i am pagan.i know i seen
the name osam altee before on the web but i dont remember it being on this site like
some more info please,i am not credit card or rich but i do not like it when we
chose to abuse each other in this manner my other response to the pictures is a kind of catch 22..without a face,an image to go along with charity work,people will not help,and the other hand is they are ripe for being used with their pic..sad isnt it.

hope you can tell me more,but want it noted i do not want to work with terrorist
based activists..i believe that too is wrong,but then i know just a little about
the middle east and can kind of understand why they act as they do.dont be
insulted im not implying anything toward you,understand,so sorry if i am its not intentional

sam@... wrote:

Hello Sherry,

I received your message and here is my reply:

I started my activist on the Internet as human right activist directly after
the 11sep attacks. My last campaign 'Human-buttons" started last summer

"how can i shake the political tree"

I'm asking people to understand first and them to make what they able to do
and mostly is sending messages about my campaigns and the cases I spoke about.
I think this is the minim any net user could do.

You could goggle for my name 'osam altaee' and see what is there about me on
the net.

"without a face,an image to go along with charity work,people will not
help,and the other hand is they are ripe for being used with their pic..sad
isnt it."

Yes it's sad for many reasons, but I don't understand why the help must be
money!!! Why money? And I feel sorry to see people think the work of UNHCR is
charity! It's not charity but the UNHCR worked to present it by this way and I
want to change that. I advocated myself for that target. I'll write another
campaigns and I hope you'll understand more if you're interesting.

I feel that you have good attitude to understand more and you're not afraid to
send me message or to speak about terrorism openly like you did, I wonder
where do you live and I hope to know more about you and if possible we'll
become friends. I have blog where I post some messages I received regard my
campaign and I like to post your message with my reply there
I can hide your contact details if you like and I'll not publish your message
without your permission. I hope you'll look and give me your permission to
post your message in my blog.

I'm happy to read your message and I hope to read more messages from you.

I wish you the best in your life.


From: sherrykranz@...
Date: Mon Apr 25, 2005 5:56 am
Subject: Re: your email about unhcr

funny i wasnt thinking on money terms at the time but good point.i live in the US in Texas,and this is something i can easily understand.I can write as good as anyone as long as i understand where things are coming from.I am not really familiar with charity organizations as a whole,as i dont watch televisions or their ads,but am aware of the crap going on around me in the world and the way people of other countries see us as compared to what it was before.I you will find take some things to heart,and others not so much so.I live by the law of three,law of the things to harm others and will return thrice upon good and it will return thrice upon you as well.Yes you can post myreply on your site,ive seen it,and looking forward to hearing from you.

sam@... wrote:

Hi sherry,

You understand the life well and I'm happy to have you as friend and I hope
we'll stay in contact. You didn't tell me if you like me to hide your contact
details before I publish your message on my blog.

Be well and happy.



From: sherrykranz@...
Date: Wed Apr 27, 2005 12:10 am
Subject: Re: your email about unhcr

it doesnt matter either way hon,i got homeland security mad with me by arguing a few things with thier local chief down here.i dont mind


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