Saturday, January 21, 2006

i'm admiring with your personality

From: arabic_poetry@…
Date: Sat Apr 2, 2005 1:18 pm

dear 'OSAM', i'm writing my message to you by disinterestedness. that means i don't have any purpose in emailing you.
i read your Ebooks and articles carefully, and i'd like to tell you about my superciliousness towards these wrote workss. now, i'm telling you about myself to disable your surprise: my name's Ahmed Mohammed Abdeltawab, 25 years old, from Egypt/Cairo. i had a bachelor degree of arts, arabic language and literature department;Ain-Shams university.
after all, your poem was effected me because i think that i have a power to understand poetry mood. but don't surprise when i tell you that i don't havea higher political awareness, but i understood your critical overview towards political events in Iraq from your expressive poem. also, i knew the tragedical story which you wrote in your website that contains the link to these two emails. finally, i'd like you to continue in the fact way and don't worry from any person wants to cut your connection. also, i think that you must be congratulated by all Arab people on your efforts.
best regards,
Ahmed M. Abdeltawab


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