Friday, April 06, 2007

The Bible & the Koran

Sender: peter@...
Date: Tue Aug 2, 2005 11:04 pm

Hello My Brother.
Nice to read of your experences of Life, I think living in the west we don't
perhaps understand other peoples troubles & hardships, by the way i live in the
UK in Wiltshire, i'm trying to be a good spiritualist & try to get on with
everybody if i can. I put the Bible & the Koran as a subject,the Bible & the
Koran are both bassed on mith & legand acording to books by Arthur Finlay, i
don't know if you have read any of his books, one of them called THE PSYCIC
STREAM is very good, i think Children should read it as much as the bible then
they could make up there minds about what is the truth. Arthur Findlay writes
about factual & not what people want us to beleive,he wrote two volumes called
THE CURSE OF IGNORENCE Wich i have read both, tock me a long time to get through
but i'm better off for doing so.I think some of thease wicked people that think
by killing others they will be in paradice have been so missled & will get a big
shock when they have to judge themselves in the world of the Spirit.Well Osam
it's been nice to speak to you like this, i hope we can talk again as brothers
as we must be.
Love & Light to you. Peter