Monday, February 27, 2006


From: sowersseeds@...
Date: Fri Jun 3, 2005 6:49 pm
Subject: Salam!

Hello, I read your story and was touched by it. I have sent you an email before
this one was sent. I was asking about your identity and why did you enroll at
our yahoo group. Our group is supposed to be for members of our Christian
community who has resided both in our country and abroad. Anyway , you are
welcome and we find ways how can we be of help to your crusade. I pray that
genuine peace will reign in your country. What's happening now is very terrible.
With all the deaths due to bombings , in a daily basis , one could picture a
dark situation for Iraq.

MY fervent hope that someday you can go back to your home country and be with
your family. Insha AllaH!

By the way Iam the moderator of our yahoogroup and also the pastor of our
community. Thanks. Assalamu Alaikum!