Monday, February 27, 2006

your permission

From: nat@...
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 1:49 am
Subject: your permission

Dear Osam,
We would like your permission to forward your story to all the recipients on
our e-mail share list. We have edited it from and would like your e-mail address so that
you can see and approve our edited version. We have already forwarded your
latest campaign "Human buttons" which you sent to one of the groups we belong
to, and have already received some feedback in your favor.
May God richly bless you in all you are doing to serve Him!
In His unlimited love, Nat & Margie
From: nat@...
Date: Tue Jun 7, 2005 3:13 am
Subject: Fw: your permission

Dear Osam,
Thank you for your quick reply. Attached is our edited version of your life story. After reading it, let us know if we have your approval, so that we can forward on our shares list to almost 1000 recipients all over the world. We also help in the printing and distribution of the magazine NEW CREATION, which we send to 78 countries. None of us are paid a salary and everything we publish is sent free of charge. You of course have our permission to publish anything we write in your blog
We have added you to our share list from which we forward inspirationals, prayer requests, some humor, etc. If you would rather only receive the inspirationals or no messages at all, just let us know. One of the groups we belong to is where we found your message "Hunan-Buttons", which we forwarded to everyone on our list. That is how Gary Amirault found out about you. He is a very close friend of ours, in the state of Missouri, and we are in Houston, TX.
You wrote: "I hope to know more about you if possible." My work history for the most part was as a locomotive fireman for 8 years and driving 18-wheelers for 20 years. I retired on disability on Sept. 21, 1982, at the age of 49. I married Margie 5 years later and now help her in a part-time transportation business she and her late husband started in 1971. My 2nd language which I speak, read and write, is Spanish. Like you with your English, I never studied it. I just picked it up. Below is a recent photo of us, followed by a small one taken when we were first married.
In His unlimited love, Nat & Margie