Monday, January 30, 2006


From: lamiaroro@...
Date: Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:24 pm
Subject: Coments

Dear Sir,

I dissagree with your coment about the sin of publishing woman face so that millions of men can see the face of the woman.
I think moslem people have a wrong interpertation on their koran.

women was made beautiful by God as an art.
to be appreciated, not as a sin and cover it.
The only thing that a woman must cover is,...bitterness of earth.

The whole things about UNHCR, and most of several bodies at the UN i notice it very well.

The only thing to do is, just disperse the Organization, actually.

That's all, Thank you.

Truly yours,

HIM Princess Fathia Wiranatadikusumah
Siliwangi- Al Misri
From: sam@...
Re: Coments

Dear Fathia Wiranatadikusumah,
Sorry for my delayed reply.

I agree with you about unveil a women face isn't sin if that happened with her will, but the case with the Human-buttons is different. They use the picture of the woman without her permission or even to tell here. They don't know who is she at first place. I like to ask you a question: Can I go in the streets and took pictures for girl and publish them by any mean to have some money? Any one can do that. I fell sorry to see such abuse for our humanity, for our tradition and for our religion. I challenge the UNHCR to tell us some thing about the women on their human-buttons and to show us that they did that with their permission.

Please could you tell me some thing about you, I felt that you're Arabic or Turkish?

I like to publish your message on my blog with or without your contact details, as you like. I'm waiting for your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

From: lamiaroro@...
Date: Sun May 22, 2005 4:13 pm
Subject: The Blog

Dear Sir,

I've got my last name from the Ottoman Empire.

Yes, asking for the permission of the girl first before publishing it, i agree.

However, up until this time, it seems the world still have to remain rely on the UN , since no World Wide Organization available beside it.

A new Internatinonal Imigration rules must be made, yet the political leaders are too busy with each other business. Hard to make them sit at one table. Unless a termendous effort being done by third party.

You may Publish My comment.

Thank You.

Truly yours,

HIM Princess Fathia Wiranatadikusumah
Siliwangi- Al Misri