Monday, January 30, 2006

Your letter

From: mfrancesg73@...
Date: Tue May 17, 2005 1:49 am
Subject: Your letter

I read part of your letter today. Im in the other side of the world and you
really made me fell furious.
I think that you are over reacting towards many things taht you refer to in your
letter. All what you said there, will always make me think before I make any
donation to refugees because after all, trying to help someone is to humiliate
that person that at the end of the year will have ONLY 0.97 cts., instead of
cero. The world wont change its way of thinking because you come and say that
not all the refugees are POOR!!!!! Maybe you are not a poor refugee but not all
of them are like you and are that lucky to spend so many time in front of the
internet without having to work like crazy to survive.

To be a poor person is NOPT humiliating, to think so is piityful and please dont
talk about the indignation of all the refugees because you do not represent all
of them and at the end of time, as far as I know, we should always want to feel
gratefull if someone wants to help you, to be positive and try and do something
with that help unless you are giving up your principles and dignity ( wich is
not your case becasue you are very arrogant).

Im not saying the the UN is a wonderland or is made of wonderpeople, I think
they are a bunch of rich people with good connections and very "lucky" to see
the misery of the world eating caviar but you are disgracefull with the world
(not UN) because they have felt for the refugees that are not as lucky as you

Son long,


From: sam@...

Hello Mary,

I read your message and here are my comments:

I want people to think when they read my letter (or campaign); I hope that'll help them to find the truth.

I'm not against the donations, we need to help each other as humans and if some one needs money so there are many ways to have money, one way is asking for donations. And please notice that not only the poor or the refugees asking for donations but also many other people like those whom providing some kind of services on the net; I saw many of them doing that. I'm not against that or giving money to help some people in need. But I'm against using the refugees as human-buttons and against showing our problems as results for our poverty. I want the people to help the refugees what ever the help will be and in same time I want people to understand why they're helping and why they're donating, the UNHCR don't like that. The UNHCR wanted the people to donate and turn their back and walk away. I want people to stay for little time and ask questions and to understand. Our problems as refugees are not because of poverty and I want people to know what is meaning to be a refugee. There are lots need to be explain and I intent to do that in the future.

About me, I'm not rich because I'm using the Internet! Here any one can access the net in public shops and 6 hours on Internet cost les than baying one bucket do American cigarette. I don't know if you think that smoking cigarette is only for rich people!!!

I lost my work since the UNHCR asked the police to arrest me at 2002 and since then I depend on my friend from England to live, so I'm spending all my time work for my mission. I didn't ask for donations but they offered me financial help and I accepted. My situation is very hard now, I can't return to Iraq because I'm afraid of prosecution of the UNHCR, in another word I'm afraid they will deal with me like they did in Lebanon or to hurt my family because of my activities on the Internet. I told them I will not stop.

You think that I'm arrogant and I'm not grateful, I don't know why you fell that but the truth is not. I told many people about the help of my friends specially the financial help and I even told the UNHCR about that, I even mentioned that in my books and also I mentioned names of people whom helped me in editing some of my writings. If you search the whoise database for the owner of my sites, you'll find that no one of my sites in my name, all of my sites are registered with names of my friends and for that the UN sent threats to my friend who lives in UK because she is helping me. One day I'll publish the details about this subject with the documents that we have. Like you sea the UNHCR and the UN are not happy with some lives in UK just because she helped a refugee lives in Lebanon! But what ever they'll do I'll not stop even if I'll lose my life and they threatened me with that in the Office of UNHCR.

I don't want to change the world but I want to change the bad polices in the UNHCR and I'm ready to give my life for that and I agree that I'm arrogant with them (whom working for the UN and the UNHCR) because simply I don't care about them but I care about the refugees whom I felt them pain and desperation by myself as I'm one of them. I'll continue until I'll achieve my mission.

I like to publish your message on my blog with or without your contact details, as you like. I'm waiting for your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.